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Back Up Your Content

Technical Blogging, Second Edition — Pragmatic Programmers (49 / 148)

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You work hard to write your content and it would be a genuine shame if you lost it. I can’t stress enough how important it is to back up your blog’s content.

Your hosting company may offer you backup solutions for a fee. Take advantage of such options if economically workable. What you’re interested in is saving the database that contains your posts as well as the folders where you store images and other files (e.g., wp-content in WordPress).

To save the database, you can perform a dump of the data (e.g., using mysqldump) in a file. You should save this SQL export file and your other key files locally and online in secure, safe places like Dropbox and Amazon S3.

For Blogger you can export your blog from the Other menu of your Settings and then store the exported file locally and in the Cloud.[62] Google is unlikely to lose your blog’s data, but should it kick you out (very unlikely) or shut down the service (unlikely but possible), you’d have access to the data you worked so hard to produce.

Other blogging engines might offer similar backup options. If worse comes to worst, you’ll have the HTML or Markdown files stored somewhere (if you created your article through an editor). People who opted for a static site generator might want to consider committing their files to GitHub or GitLab as another form of backup.

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