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Meeting Reflection

During the transferable skills meting I was clear that I was thinking slightly to highly of myself on the whole my lecturers agreed with me on the points that I had demonstrated successful execution but that the areas where I stated masterful were in fact successful. I will be going through some of the points that I still need work in.

I put masterful under positive attitude because I’m usually a very positive optimistic person but it was brought to my attention in the meting that there were a few times where I wasn't being positive and that I was causing a disruption on some occasions overall I was positive about my work an was very passionate about my project but there were points where I would get into arguments with classmates and cause disruptions within lectures. However I have since then gotten back on good terms with everyone and I believed I have improved my overall attitude.

2. Self confidence

I put masterful because I was confident only on some parts of my work and had a clear vision in my head on what is was going to look like however it was made apparent in the meeting that I my have been confident about my work but I could have demonstrated more confidence in my skills and views and implemented more ideas without changing the project.

3. Ability to accept and learn from criticism.

I beloved that i had masterful demonstration of ability to accept and learn from criticism because I was always looking for it but in some cases I failed to implement it .

Overall the transferable skills meeting relay helped point out things that I thought I was dong right but still needed work on. I am still trying to improve myself in transferable skills as the are very important to producing the best work possible.

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