Waking Up

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Why Do We Lie

Some of us were taught when we were children, that if you lie, you will get into trouble. Typically, the older child blames the younger child.

A good parent needs to see that every child is guilty and all are innocent. What you cannot do is pick one child over another. This makes the other child that does not get picked as: wrong. That person is just dancing to their own song. Aint nothin wrong with dat.

When we feel we are not good enough, we can go back to when you were punished as a child and make your boss your Mom or Dad. This is typical as most people were not taught how to live their lives. All they do for the most part in Education, is give you a way to make money, not do what is best for you.

After owning a ton of businesses, I can only tell you I am a moron for picking myself up and doing it again. Everyone screwed me over in a 40 year period.

Now that the time is over, I am only responsible for things around the past 18 years as that is when my Dad died and so did my effective life.

My brothers and sister think that they love my Granny and Dad. I assure you, not even Elaine has any more love for them. I am sure of it and that is why, if a mean person tells her my truth, may your tit or dick get cut off. Think of how much fun that could be.

It is time to stand up and be counted. Are you a Trumpussy? Do you care that the President lies every time he opens his mouth? How do you feel that he said he would bring in new money. All new money has been dead since Trump took office. He, on the other hand, will have so much money, he will never have to spend one penny of it as he is about getting as much as he can. If he has to fuck you over, never a problem for Trump the fucker.

He Makes Hitler look like God. He could slew a nigger at the same time he is hitting the Kyke in the face because Donald is such a fake bully. He could take a nice hit to his extended stomach. I wonder when he will be ready to see Doctor Now? He is one fatty. Girls love him. Kiss them, stick his finger in their pussies. What a man… he is not.. he is a pussy fingerer.

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